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This short book explores the art and craft of landscape photography from a holistic perspective. Based on real world experiences as a landscape photographer as well as an instructor, speaker, and blogger, I distill my basic approach to capturing evocative images in a series of essays based on the “Beyond the Lens” blog.

While many books focus on the gear and technology, the aim here is to look inside the motivation, passion, and vision involved in successful landscape photography.Go behind the scenes as I explain how several images were made, how I draw inspiration from the Hudson River School of painters, and what resources I recommend for further exploration.

If you have an iPad, enjoy the interactive iBooks edition multi-touch book. It contains full screen views of all the images (compatible with Retina display), interactive galleries, and two videos. You’ll need an iPad (any version) and the free iBooks app to download it from the iBook Store.


What Others Are Saying

“9 out of 10 photography books deal with equipment, shutter speed, soft boxes and so on. This book is all about composition, how to see, how to think. It deals with the artistic side of this wonderful discipline. It even helps you to discover more about yourself as a photographer by provoking your own thoughts on how you see the world and how you wish to express it through your camera. Highly recommended. A different photography reading experience.”

“Whether you are an amateur or wish to polish your photography skills you’ll find great value in this book. The photographs are exquisite. There’s a perfect blend of theory, mixed with passion for outdoor photography and inspirational quotes. This book is a work of love. I strongly recommend it.”

“This book takes photography to another level of appreciation and away from the equipment driven frenzy that controls so many. You learn to look at the art and craft of photography above the equipment and push button software fixes that threaten the integrity of photography as a true art form. An excellent and rewarding read.”

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