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Eagle Lake Colors, Acadia NP

Autumn is my favorite time of the year here in the Northeast, as it signifies the changing of seasons from warm, long, hot summer days to cold, dark, winter nights. But in between these extremes, it’s my favorite time to be in the great outdoors with my camera. The air is cool and brisk, with the smell of damp leaves. And the trees come alive with rich vibrant colors, providing endless possibilities for creating dramatic images at virtually any time of day.

“Eagle Lake Colors” was made during my recent visit to Acadia National Park, during an atypical time for me to create my best images. I usually work during the sunrise and sunset hours, however, this particular scene caught my immediate attention one late afternoon during a hike around Eagle Lake with my wife and son. The stillness of the water combined with the relections of the trees around the edge created a perfect canvas of color and light. I tried different angles and positions while I searched for the simplest composition that would express the beauty of the scene. I used a medium zoom lens to compress the image and enhance the different hues and shades of colors.

I returned two days later for another round of shooting, but I was never able to improve on this image, which was one of the first ones made. This print is available in all sizes matted and framed, and will also be part of our new greeting cards coming soon!

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