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I’ve made a few improvements to the site including a new and improved navigation system more compatible with all of the different browsers. Also added a Store page that will feature our normal prints, plus our new greeting cards, and 2008 calendars still in development. There is now a Testimonials page which will be updated regularly with all of the wonderful comments I receive regularly. If anyone sends me a picture of our prints hanging in their homes, I will add it to the site. A new newsletter Archive is also available for those wishing to read our past newsletters. Subscribe now, and you will receive the latest newsletter as soon as it is released and you’ll be able to take advantage of any promotions or special offers before they expire.

Finally, I’m working on an article describing my current equipment choices and basic workflow for those who are interested in how I process and prepare my images for final printing. I often get many questions about the whole process, either from other photographers or print purchasers, so this may help to clarify my approach. Thanks for reading!

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