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Sommes Sound, the only natural fjord on the East Coast

The process of selectively editing a large group of images from a 3-5 day photo shoot is always exciting, and revealing. This is especially true when sufficient time has passed to create a small, but important amount of objectivity, which is usually lacking while the images are fresh in my mind.

I finally went through all of the images taken on my Acadia II photo shoot, My process usually begins with repeatedly narrowing down the “keepers” to those I feel have the potential to become meaningful photographs. Some images are very obvious, perhaps because I felt strongly about the scene or composition at the time I scouted the location. Many other times the shots are the result of experimenting and following my instincts. Its always great when I discover an image that wasn’t among my favorites, but grows on me over time. This is especially true when it adds to my understanding and appreciation of nature. It makes all of the time and hard work worthwhile. Mastery of any art form is a journey, and the experiences along that journey, are for me as important, if not more so, than the images themselves. My latest images, including those from this trip, are now online.

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