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Mount Pisgah, Lake Willoughby, Vermont
Mount Pisgah, Lake Willoughby, Vermont

I spent a weekend in Vermont recently, and wanted to share some photos and interesting experiences.

We stayed at The Village Inn in East Burke, a great b&b that I highly recommend to anyone staying in this part of Vermont. George and Lorraine Willy are wonderful hosts, waking us every morning to aromas of Vermont coffee and a home style breakfast. George also runs a guiding service, and has expert knowlegde of the backwoods and hiking areas, and also provides new and exciting places for me to capture scenic landsapes.

It was COLD during our stay, with daytime highs in the low teens, and morning temps below zero. Needless to say, I stayed close to my truck when I wasn’t hiking, and tried to keep my camera cold to prevent excessive condensation which is a major problem when shooting in cold weather. I use a zip lock bag when bringing the camera indoors after being in the cold, and let it slowly adjust to the warmer temperature.

My truck decided to have a mind of its own, and drive itself into a 30″ snowbank, an accident my wife was not too happy about. Luckily a local towing service was available, and incredibly only charged me $60 to put me back in my family’s favor, a bargain in my mind.

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I was also able to get out on the snowy trails with my snowshoes, the first time since my ankle fracture four months ago. It felt so good to be out again in nature, enjoying the sound and feel of deep soft snow as I took each step forward. After such a long and difficult recovery, it was pure pleasure, and the bitter cold was the last thing on my mind as I worked up a good sweat pulling my son in his sled.

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I spent some time at Lake Willoughby, a beautiful landscape setting in the area. The lake was formed 12,000 years ago, when glacier rivers of ice carved out ‘U’ shaped valleys and spectacular cliffs of granite. The lake itself was frozen solid, and at almost 350 feet deep, it was amazing to see ice fisherman driving their trucks and drilling holes in the middle of the lake. I stayed on the shores while shooting panoramic shots, and managed to create some interesting images during sunrise.

Lake Willoughby, Vermont

The Northeast Kingdom is a favorite place of mine to explore with my camera, and I plan on many more visits in the future. For anyone interested in great classic Vermont scenery, hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor recreation in general, this place is hard to beat in New England.

Vermont church

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