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Highlands Sunset

The April Print of the Month is “Highlands Sunset”. I made this image on a warm spring evening from the shore of Dennings Point, a peninsula on the Hudson River a few miles from my home in Beacon (including a 1.5 mile hike). My goal was to show a unique and different view of the Highlands, the prominent landmarks in this part of the Hudson Valley. I’m always watching the sky, and monitoring the weather, trying to anticipate that special time when light and landscape combine to create beautiful conditions. In this instance, I had both, and the water was also very calm, which allowed me to use a slow shutter speed to create a glass like reflection. I waited until after the sun had set so that the reflected light created a beautiful warm glow on the mountains in the distance, which are normally dull in the winter. Creating unique and inspiring images of familiar places is always very difficult, but hopefully I’ve achieved just that with this image.

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