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I just finished exhibiting at the White Plains Outdoor Art Show held in White Plains, NY, and I had a great time. I really enjoy art shows, although there is lots of hard work behind the scenes. There’s the investment and preparation of inventory, packaging and transporting all of the artwork without damage, setup and take-down before and after the show, and long hours in the booth. But I enjoy meeting new people, talking about my work or photography in general, and meeting other artists participating in the show. I’m often asked if I remember where a particular photograph was taken, and I always answer that each image has its own story which I never forget. I remember how I felt, what I saw, and most of all, why I was inspired to setup my camera. Hopefully, sharing this with potential patrons shows them how passionate I am about my work, and allows them to not only become familiar with the image, but also with me as an artist. This is the biggest reward I get from any art show or gallery reception.

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