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“Excellent photography reveals an emotional attachment between photographer and subject matter”

This quote is from one of my favorite landscape books “Photographing the Landscape, The Art of Seeing” by Colorado master John Fielder. It is the opening sentence to the book, and sets the tone for the rest of the 190 pages. This statement is at the core of why I’m passionate about nature and the natural landscape, and what I try to convey in my photographs. So much of what I see today from other photographers leaves me in awe from a technical standpoint, but yet lacks depth and conviction. Iconic images from great photographers go beyond the technical performance, and truly inspire the soul with beauty and emotion.
Recently I was asked “what made Ansel Adams so great?” After thinking about it for a while, the only answer I could provide was that his work displays a powerful emotional attachment to his subject matter. When I’m asked for advice about landscape photography, my response is always the same – look at lots and lots of great photography, and learn from those who have come before. The technology and equipment will take care of itself, but seeing is paramount.

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