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GPS technology has advanced tremendously over the last few years, and I’ve enjoyed using a Garmin 60CSx since last summer. It has become an indispensable tool for me, primarily for trail use while hiking and camping, and also while driving. A great website for GPS info that I refer to on a regular basis is GPS Tracklog, and they do a great job with news, reviews, tips, and anything else relevant to gps technology. A particularly useful function for photographers is geo-tagging, which is basically embedding gps data into the metadata of the image file. Metadata might typically include the date the photograph was taken and details of the camera settings. I’ll explain how it’s done on a Mac, but I’m sure it can be done in Windows as well. I’ve tried several different combinations of software, but these are the ones that work for me without any problems.

  1. First, I use LoadMy Tracks to download the track data from my Garmin 60CSx into my MacBook Pro via USB. I usually reset my unit at the start of a hike or photo shoot, and save the track data when I’m finished, adding a descriptive name to the saved track. This way, I can refer back to it if I return the same location to shoot again, something I do quite regularly
  2. I then use Adobe Lightroom to import the images from my memory card into my computers hard drive. Next I use GPSPhoto Linker to load the gps track data and the images, and the program does its magic, using the times from the images to sync them with the time and location from the gps data. It then adds this information into the metadata of the raw camera file.
  3. I then return to Lightroom and re-import the metadata for all images, and Lightroom adds 2 new rows to the metadata panel showing the gps coordinates, and a link which shows me the location where I shot the image in google maps – very cool.

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