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I participated in the 38th annual Garrison Fine Arts and Crafts this past weekend, located on the shores of the Hudson River in Garrison, NY. It was a great event, with beautiful weather, lots of people, including many visitors to my booth. I received many great compliments on my photography and presentation, and made quite a few sales as well. Thanks to everyone who purchased a print, I really appreciate their investment in my hard work. I was also interviewed by a local reporter for The Journal News, and part of it appeared the following day in print and on the web. You can read the article here.
The weekend got off to a bad start as a local storm came through the area Friday night and completely leveled my canopy and display panels, breaking several support pieces in the process. Many other exhibitors suffered the same fate, and some were not able to remain in the event. I was determined to try and get up and running by the start time on Saturday morning, and if it were not for several volunteers who generously helped me in my desperate situation, I probably would not have succeeded. Thankfully in the end, it all turned out great, and I will certainly be back for the 39th edition next year.



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