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I just finished the 45th On the Green Fine Art & Craft Show this past weekend, which was held in a beautiful park in Glastonbury, Connecticut. It was my first time exhibiting outside of New York, and it was nice to meet so many people who were familiar with the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. I was repeatedly told how lucky I was to live on the Hudson, and how beautiful this part of the country was to so many people. It’s so easy to take things for granted, and believe in old cliche “the grass is greener on the other side.” I certainly have even more appreciation for this region now, and I’m more motivated now to create unique perspectives of the landscapes around the valley.

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In addition, this show also had awards and cash prizes for the best exhibitors, and I’m very honored to have won the Second Best Award for Photography. I was happy and surprised considering there were over 35 photographers in this show, and I saw lots of great work. Thanks to the Glastonbury Art Guild for their award and support. I will be back next year for the 2008 edition.

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