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I’ve just returned from a 10 day trip on the coast of Maine with my wife Brenda and 4 yr old son Bryce, including 7 days on Mount Desert Island, home to Acadia National Park. This was my 3rd visit to one of my absolute favorite locations, and it never disappoints either photographically or as a place to spend time with my family biking, hiking, and enjoying nature in a unique and pristine setting. We spent the first 3 nights camping in Camden Hills State Park, and visited a few unique landmarks including the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, which sits at the end of a 4,300 ft long breakwater in Penobscot Bay.

Rockland Breakwater

We also visited Marshall Point Lighthouse, which sits on a classic Maine rocky coast, with many possibilities for day and night photography. Unfortunately, I was only able to visit during the mid-day, but would certainly like to return in the future.

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We then headed to Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, where we would be spending the rest of the trip and where most of Acadia is located. We arrived on a warm but rainy day, and I immediately headed into the park to take advantage of the weather. I love to photograph in the rain, when the foliage is wet and colors are saturated, plus the light tends to be soft and very diffused with less contrast, all favorable conditions for intimate nature photography. I spent the rest of the week exploring different parts of the park, from the rocky shores to the pine forests that dominate many of the mountains and valleys in the island.

Shore Path, Acadia National Park

Eagle Lake

I never get tired of returning to Acadia, especially now that my 4 yr old son is up to 3 mile hikes, and is learning so much about nature and all of its surprises. Whether an inch worm, or frog, or just throwing rocks into a lake, he is learning to discover and appreciate a world which is magical and full of surprises at every twist and turn of the trail. These are opportunities and experiences I didn’t have until well into my twenties, so it is truly special to be able to provide him with an early start. I’m sure he will remember these trips for the rest of his life as I will for the rest of mine.


I’m still sorting through all of the images I returned with (close to 1,200), and I’lll have a formal gallery with all of my favorites in the near future. The leaves are changing, which means my favorite season for photography is here!

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