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Art and Craft of Lanscape Photography Seminar

I gave my first seminar two weekends ago, “The Art and Craft of Landscape Photography”, and it was a great learning experience in terms of giving presentations and learning how to speak in front of an audience. It was also very well received, and I had close to 20 attendees ranging from intermediate to professional photographers, so it was very satisfying to know my hard work and preparation paid off. The topics I spoke about included my approach and philosophy to my work, the basic ingredients of an expressive landscape photograph, and even some digital concepts and printing information. My emphasis was really on the aesthetics of images, why some work and some don’t, and how to improve your ability to “see” photographically, areas I feel are sorely lacking in todays technology driven discussions.
As I’ve mentioned here before, I love technology and have no hesitation adopting it in my work, as long as it remains a tool to reach my goal, and not a hindrance or obstacle in that effort. Nothing will stifle creativity faster than gear that gets in the way, not to mention how precious time is in the field, or back at at the studio.
I created the presentation with Apple’s Keynote software, and together with my MacBook Pro and a Canon SX600 projector, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. All new subscribers to newsletter get a high quality PDF version of the slideshow, so if you haven’t already, sign up!


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