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I’m really proud and honored that Scenic Hudson has chosen to use some of my images for their promotional emails and marketing. They are the leading non-profit conservation organization in the Hudson Valley committed to preserving as much of the landscape and beauty for public recreational use. Their latest newsletter features one of my photographs “Highlands Sunset”, and they have shown interest in using many more for future promotions, This is a great opportunity for me simply because many of my images feature lands either protected or owned by Scenic Hudson, and the opportunity to photograph and enjoy these resources would probably not exist were it not for their existence. Hopefully my images will help their cause in some small way, and help promote the natural beauty and landscape of the Hudson Valley. This is an endeavor that many great landscape photographers have committed their time and talent to, notably Ansel Adams and Yosemite National Park. While I don’t pretend to be anywhere near that category of importance, it is extremely satisfying when one of my images helps a viewer to see a familiar location or scene in a totally different and positive way.

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