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Winter is finally here, and the last week has brought snow, ice, sleet, rain, and more sleet and snow. While hiking in the snow is fun and provides all kinds of photo opportunities, sleet and ice is a whole other matter! Although I’ve been fairly comfortable in most conditions ever since my bad ankle injury last fall, the ice certainly makes me uncomfortable to say the least! I have managed to create some good images the last few days however, and I’ll be posting them to the website as soon as I have time to develop them. Much of my shooting this winter will focus on scenes that I have photographed in other seasons, and challenging myself to see them in a new perhaps unique way. We’re all too familiar with the same subject and composition shot in different seasons, but I’d like to go beyond that and use the changing season to inspire a different view or perspective. After all, it certainly feels different in the winter, so why not see it differently?

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