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I finally made it to one of my favorite landscape locations during the winter, and my timing couldn’t have been better. Although I’ve spent a few falls in Acadia National Park, I’ve always wanted to experience it during the winter months. After a warm spell in the northeast that lasted a few weeks, we finally received a significant snowfall this week, and I have been enjoying visiting my favorite trails and views covered with 10 inches of fluffy snow. Though it can be dark and cold, I’ve always tried to bring a more inviting interpretation to winter photography.

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I don’t change my camera equipment much when it’s very cold, but I do use special gear for personal comfort. I suffer from cold hands and feet, so I use chemical warmers from Grabber to stay warm. These are full size foot insoles that just slide into my boots, and my feet stay toasty for 6 hours. I also keep a pair of the hand warmers in my pockets. This way I can use thinner gloves for better control of my camera, and stick them in my pockets once they start to get cold. Landscape photography involves a lot of standing around without moving, so these aids go along wat to keeping me focused on being creative when it’s 10 degrees and windy. I’m also using a new product for my boots called Micro Spikes made by Kahtoola, and they are amazing. Not quite like full crampons, they work best when there is not enough snow for snowshoes, or when it’s icy or slippery. I have been using them full time on this trip, and the traction they provide is confidence inspiring. These also happen to be available at Mountain Tops, a great outdoor shop in my home town of Beacon. If you’re ever in the area, pay them a visit for a good selection of outdoor gear, and good info on local activities.

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In addition to my normal Garmin GPS 60CSx that I have been using quite happily for a few years, I also started using a Spot Tracker, which not only allows me to transmit my exact location via email at any time, but will also transmit a 911 distress call via an emergency button. Hopefully I will never have to use this feature, and it keeps my immediate family members at ease while I’m away in relatively remote locations.

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I”ll have more photos at the end of the week once I return home and have a chance to edit all of the images I’ve captured.

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  1. I’ve been using these for years, and they have always made the cold winters more tolerable…the do have a tendency to break, causing a mess in your pockets or gloves.

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