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Trees on Dennings Point

“Silent Trees” was photographed recently on a local hike in Dennings Point, a peninsula on the Hudson River.

There are many types of landscape photographs, encompassing the wide range of subjects available at any given location. I’m partial to the ”grand vista“ where a wide angle lens allows for great depth and the eye is lead from near to far, traveling over the many details like a symphony building to a grand crescendo. I certainly enjoy them the most, and I think they represent our natural way of seeing the world around us.

However, the ”intimate landscape“ or the extraction of a greater scene is one that I have always found challenging, yet rewarding in many different ways. This image is one that I immediately visualized while finishing a photo shoot that had not been particularly productive. It happened so quickly that had I not been ready, I would have probably missed the warm subdued light that gave the branches their wonderful texture and dimensionality. You never know what you’ll come across if you allow yourself to see – another reason I never put my camera away until I’m back home.

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