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Barn Light, Keene Valley

The April Print of the Month is “Barn Light”, made in the Keene Valley section of the Adirondacks. While many of the images I strive to create involve getting out into remote locations and “off the beaten path”, I came across this scene from the roadside, and barely had enough time to make a few exposures before the light was gone.

During a long weekend trip in the Adirondacks last Spring, I had passed this old and abandoned barn many times, always wondering what a successful photograph of it would look like. This of course is a highly personal and subjective approach that requires patience and a willingness to fail often. After many attempts which did not translate into what was in my mind, I had resigned to try again on a future trip to the area. This of course is not uncommon, and more often the norm in landscape photography.

On my last evening however, luck came into play, and I knew the image I had in my mind was possible. I knew where I wanted to setup my tripod, having spent the days prior finding the composition I wanted, and I just hoped to capture the feeling I had standing in this field.

A soft warm breeze brushed the tops of the flowers in the foreground, bringing with it the smell of spring, and the sounds of rustling that bring so many memories of summer days past. Finally, a scene that inspired beyond the visual, and transfered me just for a moment beyond the physical place I stood at that monent. This for me is the essence of photography, a story, a feeling, an interpretation of reality. This motivates me to continue trying after repeated failures and frustrations. The experience learned from success leaps beyond all of the failures, and brings a special meaning to all of the “luck” and hard work involved.

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape…” Pablo Picasso

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  1. Thanks so much Jeanne, I only hope to share my passion of both nature and photography, and inspire others to just slow down and “see” all that is positive around us each day.

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