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I’ll be the guest speaker at the next DRPP meeting tomorrow night, and the topic will be digital workflow. This is one of the biggest problem areas of digital photography, and one that I am regularly asked about from veteran and beginning photographers alike. Though digital photography has allowed us to shoot images at will without concern for developing and other traditional costs, managing and processing all of these images, particularly when shooting RAW, can become a daunting and seemingly endless task for many, including myself.

Based on my own experiences using Photoshop and more recently Lightroom, I’ll demonstrate how I tackle this problem, and make it a necessary but enjoyable part of digital photography. I’ve tried many different approaches and software titles over the years, including Capture One, iView Media Pro, Aperture, and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional, but now my entire RAW workflow is handled by Lightroom and Photoshop. I spend less time at my computer, and more time on the trails…the way it should be!

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