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Sunrise on Sugar Loaf, Hudson Valley

I have updated the homepage on the website with the May 2008 Print of the Month, titled “Sunrise on Sugar Loaf”. Located less than 2 miles from where I live, Sugar Loaf Mountain sits at the northern most entrance to the Hudson Highlands, and has a very distinctive profile.

Though I thought there might be lots of clouds on this particular morning, I quickly realized they were not going to make an appearance, so I decided to work with a lone pine tree that has an interesting westward tilt. As the morning light made its way across the landscape, I was tempted to abandon the tree and move to some other positions that already looked really interesting. However, I decided to stay where I was and really work with my wide angle lens to find a composition that was as simple as possible, yet still contained all of the important elements I wanted, including the Hudson, and Storm King mountain in the distance. The benefit of being intimately familiar with this location helped me immensely, and allowed me to really focus on what I had been visualizing for several months prior to this day. I will definitely be returning here again as often as possible!

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