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The beginning of my art show season for 2008 starts this Mothers Day weekend at the 46th annual ” Meet The Artists and Artisans” in Milford, CT. Rated as one of the top 10 (#8) fine art shows in the Northeast by Sunshine Artist, America’s premier art show and festival magazine, I’m looking forward to being an exhibitor for the first time.

The first art show of the year is always somewhat hectic as I try to make sure everything is packed and ready to go. I have a new 5 x 8 trailer which should make getting all of the equipment and artwork to and from the shows much easier than before. Once the trailer is stocked with the usual items I need at each show, I won’t have to worry as much about having left something behind (a common occurrence last year I’m afraid). I also have more space now, so in addition to what will be on display, I’ll have a separate stack of prints from my catalog that I can mat or frame on demand for any interested customer. A laptop will allow anyone to preview the catalog (which eliminates initial handling of the the actual prints), and it will contain thumbnails and full screen previews. This will give visitors a broader selection to choose from, and help them find that special print they have in mind.

I’ll also be debuting a few new items this weekend, including the canvas Gallery Wrap that is quite popular these days. This is basically a canvas print that is then mounted onto a wood frame similar to a traditional painting. Though initially I wasn’t too keen on the canvas look, it has grown on me each day every time I look at one hanging in my living room. While there is a slight loss of detail, the wonderful texture and color is truly amazing, as well as the non-glare aspect I have always loved about the ColorBox mounting.

I’ll have more info on the show and post photos on my return Monday. Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there!

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  1. Gallery Wrap sounds like an interesting technique. How do you actually apply the image to a canvas? Also, are photos that you print in this manner always framed?

    Also, is Woodstock the next show that you will be presenting at? (Link to that show may need to be prepared.)

    Also really enjoyed the May Print of the Month.

  2. Steve: The image is actually printed right on canvas and then stretched onto a wood frame. Most large format printers today can handle canvas and other non-paper media, such as plastics and even thin metal that are specially designed for pigment printers.

    My next show is actually in New Paltz, a great little college town at the foot of the Shawangunks, one of my favorite places to photograph (the company that runs the show is located in Woodstock). The entire show schedule is here, and I’ll have a post about this show soon. Thanks for enjoying the May Print!!

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