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The Beekman Street Banners were unveiled this weekend in my home of Beacon, NY, and I’m honored to have been chosen as one of 34 artists to be included in this innovative and unique project. The official description from a new website dedicated to all things cool in Beacon reads:

“17 banners leading up from the Beacon Train Station to Main Street shops, eats and art, celebrating 34 local artists who place Beacon on the larger map of all things cool”.

After finally seeing the banners in person, they are very cool!

I originally heard about this project last fall from its creators Cabot Parsons and Robert Rutigliano, and once a “call for entries” was announced, I submitted several images for consideration. I was thrilled to be notified shortly afterwards that I had been selected as an artist living and working in Beacon. Then began the arduous process of choosing an image that would both represent my landscape photography as well as work within the long vertical format they had specified for the banners

This was no easy task, since the long and narrow cropping needed for the banner would alter the images significantly, and change their perspective, not to mention the entire composition! But after careful consideration, we chose “Forest Light” which seemed to maintain its overall feeling best after cropping.

I used a great Photoshop plugin from Alienskin Software called Blowup, which is specially designed to resize or up-rez images to much larger sizes without loss of detail or quality. The final size of the banner was 12ft by 4 ft, so I provided a file that was 1/6 that size at 600dpi. This way when they printed it at 100dpi, it would be the correct final size. I applied further sharpening as well after resizing in order to resolve as much detail as possible when printed. I put all 16 megapixels from my original RAW file to good use!

The banners look great, and my hope is they will continue to establish Beacon as not only an arts destination , but also as the center of the current art renaissance taking place in the Hudson Valley. I’m proud and grateful to be a very small part of it.

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  1. Thanks for giving folk a peek into the process. We knew we had some amazing artists here in Beacon but honestly weren’t prepared for the caliber we found. And while the banners are meant to help visitors to Dia find the Main Street shops, eats and art, being a main artery to the train station we’re also proud that more Hudson Valley folks have seen these artists in this first week than might go into some of our galleries in a year.

    The response from everyone has been tremendous, and we’ve also reinforced the hardware connections since they went up because the winds have definitely been a’blowin’ here in Beacon.

  2. Robert – your banner is amazing. I know I told you the day of the event…..but standing underneath it… the light on the branches was absolutely beautiful. I love your work and I’m so glad we will get to see it all the time in Beacon.

  3. Thanks Melanie and Cabot – as always I appreciate your kind words, and only hope I can live up to them! See you around town…

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