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The website has undergone a substantial upgrade, though it looks mostly the same at first, there is lots going on under the hood. It was mostly driven by the need to have a better e-commerce system, making it easier for visitors to get information about the prints and workshops, and place orders with confidence and ease. I contracted Jack Brauer from WideRange Galleries, who in addition to being a great programmer, is also a fantastic photographer specializing in mountain landscapes from Colorado and other areas – well worth a visit. Thanks to Jack, I now have a fully automated gallery system for handling all of the images, and an integrated shopping cart which provides more info for each item, and gives visitors better feedback for questions and information on all of the items in the store.

Hopefully this will allow me to better serve returning and potential customers better and more efficiently, and expand the offerings in the future, which will include more workshops and other resources for photographers. More on this very soon!

Experience your work in the real world. The Printmaker Masterclass is live and growing! Learn more here.

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  1. Greetings Robert- I clicked through to your site this morning after seeing your Hudson Valley image and reading your comment on Alyson Stanfield’s blog on “Taking Yourself Seriously As An Artist”
    Totally agree with your statement “…the key is to act and think like an artist, not like someone trying to become an artist.” and I also firmly believe – ” There is a significant difference.” Next went to your website and was able to access this page, however, as I read that you are in the never-ending process of updating your site, just wanted to let you know that I clicked many of the links and am getting error page messages. Was not able to get to your bio or gallery as of 8 am this morning. Also, will suggest that you replace the error page with one of your main pages so people don’t click away and perhaps see something they may not have otherwise clicked to.
    I love the Hudson Valley, lived in Woodstock and Kingston, NY and am still a member of ASK (Art Society of Kingston). What I’ve seen of your work thus far, truly captures the majesty and mystery of the landscape.

  2. Thanks for your very generous comments – and your help with the website – all is working properly now! I truly love the Hudson Valley and try to convey that in my photographs. It is so difficult to really bring so many aspects of a location across in what is essentially a 2 dimensional, and very limited medium. But it is possible, and it keeps me motivated day after day, and hike after hike.

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