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Just want to thank everyone who visited my booth during the long Memorial Day weekend at the New Paltz Art and Crafts Fair and a very special thanks to those who purchased prints and notecards. Thanks also to the show promoters Quail Hollow Events, who do a great job for all of the exhibitors. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone who recognized many of my favorite landscape locations, as well as chatting with those of you who are interested in taking a workshop to improve your photography and technology skills. I will have a whole range of workshop offerings on the webite very soon, and will email everyone who signed up to notify them of the classes.

I’m especially excited to have sold a custom size 60″ wide panorama of “Storm Clouds Over Mohonk” in the ColorBox mounting and I will be delivering and installing this print personally. I have never printed an image this large, so it should look really amazing and I will have photos and more info when I finally have it printed and installed over the customer’s fireplace.

The next show is this coming weekend at the White Plains Outdoor Art Festival, a great location in downtown White Plains that I always enjoy visiting. More info in a few days…

PS- This is my 100th post – and I thought I would never get past five…thanks for reading!


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