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I’ll be at the White Plains Outdoor Art Festival tomorrow, May 30th and Sunday June 1st. This will be my second year at this show, and I’m looking forward to returning to this dynamic city. It takes place in a Tibbits Park in the busy downtown district of White Plains, which makes it a challenge to setup since there is a limited amount of time that cars are allowed to park on the street. Getting everything out of the trailer and setup in the right order is something I’ve learned through trial and error, but it’s fairly routine now.

Preparation is key and I always have everything ready to go days in advance. Of course, I’m usually up the night before making last minute prints, or matting and framing ones that I want to debut or exhibit in a different size. Keeping supplies in stock, such as paper, inks, mats, frames, notecards, and various other materials is always a challenge, but my assistant (and wife) does a great job of keeping everything organized. She truly is my biggest supporter and best friend.

I’ll have a show report on Monday …

I also spent some time down at Constitution Marsh Sanctuary last week, and was able to complete a new 360 panorama which you can view here. This was one of the most challenging panos I’ve attempted because of the constantly changing cloud formations that day, but the result really captures one of the most dramatic skies I’ve seen on the Hudson. Let em know what you think…


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  1. Hi

    I am a semi-pro located in the Fort Edward area. I love shooting the Hudson and Upper Valley as well as the surrounding Adirondacks.

    You have a very impressive collection my friend!

    That 360 Pano is beyond my wildest dreams!!…. incredible.

    Take Care and I’ve added your Blog link to my own Blog…Chase Images

    Happy Clicking

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