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The White Plains Outdoor Art show is over, and it proved to be a great venue once again. The weather was certainly a factor on Saturday, with predictions of hail, but we survived without any real rainfall until after the show had closed, and Sunday the weather was fantastic. I have had a good run of great weather at every show I’ve done this year, which is always critical to a successful outdoor show.

Thanks again to everyone who paid a visit, and especially those who purchased prints, I deeply appreciate the support and patronage. I always send new customers a special hand written notecard with an image I feel complements the one they purchased as a token of my appreciation. We all know how difficult the economy is for many of us these days, and so I certainly know art purchases are carefully considered.

I’ve been asked a few times how the ColorBox frameless mounting compares in popularity to traditional matted and framed prints, and so far over the 10 shows since I started displaying them, they have outsold framed prints 2 to 1. This is probably due to their non-glare feature, a huge advantage over glass, as well as it being a less common method of displaying photographs. I will definitely continue to stock them and make bigger and more varied sizes. I’m also planning on having a double booth at the next art show in New Paltz Labor Day weekend, so I’ll definitely have the room to display more variety in both photographs and sizes.

I have a break in the show schedule until the middle of August, but will be very busy with workshops, and of course, actual photography!


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