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All of the photography workshops being offered for the year have now been added to the schedule page, and they are filling up quickly. Up next is “Digital Photography with Adobe Lightroom” on July 26th, a repeat of the same class I gave back in March that was sold out. Also on the schedule is a classroom workshop for new DSLR owners, two field workshops in the fall, and a printing workshop in December.

I’ll be conducting the classroom portion of these workshops in my new private studio which is now under construction, but on schedule to be completed by the end of the summer. This will help the students get hands-on experience with the latest digital photography gear, and hopefully provide them with valuable experience they can apply to their own personal work. I also believe there is no better way to learn than by doing, so that’s my goal with a small, intimate, working environment catered to each student that attends. All in all a busy year for me, but I love teaching and sharing all I know about photography and its wonderful ability to capture both our emotions and imaginations. This is truly a passion for me, and I hope that comes across positively to everyone who joins me on these workshops.


I’m already thinking ahead to 2009, and have a few multi-day workshops already in the planning stages. Locations include the Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks, and Acadia National Park. Watch the blog for more info!

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