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I would like to recommend an e-book I recently purchased (and downloaded) from fine-art photographer William Neill titled “Landscapes of the Spirit”. It is filled with magnificent images and intelligent, thought provoking essays. The original book has been out of print for a while, but William recently released a digital edition of the book with new scans of the original negatives, and updated information. While I own quite a few landscape books by many different photographers, this photo book has become one of my favorite resources for inspiration and motivation.

Here is my favorite quote from the book which really encompasses my own passion for nature:

“Seeing and feeling beauty is more vital to me than any resulting imagery. When the key elements of photography—light, composition, and emotion—are before me, I am fully engaged, yet detached, without expectations. The magic of my discovery—whether the dramatic light of a clearing storm or an intimate detail on the forest floor—recharges my spirit with a sense of wonder.” – William Neill

There is something in this book for every photographer, regardless of your favorite subject matter. I know that whenever I browse through it, I’m inspired yet again a to go out and find my own moment of wonder.

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  1. Thanks for visiting William – it is a real honor as someone who has been inspired and influenced by your work over the years. I have been enjoying the book immensely, and hope to release my own e-book of Hudson Valley landscapes soon. Isn’t google alerts amazing?? For anyone who wants to know more, here is the direct link:



  2. Robert, Bill Neill has been one of my mentors and inspirations for years. It was his online course “Portfolio Development” that was seminal in helping me choose many of the images for our book. (I actually have the print version of “Landscapes of the Spirit” and several other of his books.) In fact, I’m planning to retake the course to help me make sense of my growing body of building and street pictures. Thank you for posting this about him.

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