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In anticipation of my upcoming exhibit at the Hidden Gallery (covered in the previous post), I was interviewed by The Examiner, a weekly newspaper serving upper Westchester County, NY. They published a very flattering article this past weekend about me and the photographs I’ll have on display, and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Of course I loved that the images included with the article were published in color, and I even got a front page photo!

I’ve included the full article here for those who’d like to read it, and a printable pdf is also available on the main website.

(Originally printed in August 4th Examiner)

Rodriguez’s Photos Reflect the Beauty of the Hudson Valley

If you had any doubts that you live in one of the most beautiful places in America, Robert Rodriguez Jr.’s photographs will erase them immediately. Currently on display at The Hidden Gallery, Rodriguez’s photos are luminous. “Edges of Light” is Rodriguez’s latest exhibition of his photographs of the Hudson Valley, and showcases the finest of this award-winning landscape photographer’s art. Pleasantville’s reputation as a center for the arts is enhanced by this show, which contains over # of the artist’s works.

If you said his images of light and land “sing,” you would be right in more ways than one. With a degree in Professional Music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Rodriguez worked as a professional musician for over 10 years. His talent as a musician and his interest in technology led him to open his own music and video production company, with such weighty clients as Sony Records and Disney. The transition from a successful music producer to nature photographer evolved, as most natural things do. “I loved spending time outdoors, in nature, and I always had a camera with me. The transition from creating music to creating photography was easy, because the aesthetic was already there: creativity and composition.”

Rodriguez was born and raised in the Bronx, and currently lives in Beacon with his wife and young son. Although he enjoys traveling and photographing such spectacular locations in the U.S. as the Grand Canyon and the coast of Maine, his first love is the Hudson Valley. “I live and hike here, I’m intimate with this area. Because it’s my own backyard, I really try to capture the character and mood of the valley throughout the year .”

Despite this knowledge, getting the perfect photograph is not simple. “I don’t usually setup my tripod byt the side of the road,” Rodriguez says. (So don’t look for his truck in the pull-off area of a “Scenic View.”) “I often hike for miles to get an image. That way, I can look for new and interesting perspectives perhaps not photographed before I’ll go back to the same location over and over again to get the right image, at different times of day, or in different seasons to best express how I feel about that place. Luck favors the prepared.”

In addition to scrambling over mountains and walking off-trail to get the perfect photograph, Rodriguez continues his art in the processing of each photo. “The sensor in a digital camera does not ‘see’ like the human eye sees. So I make adjustments to the color and contrast of a photo so that it represents exactly what I saw and felt at that moment.”

Emotion and feeling are mentioned often when Rodriguez speaks with you. His connection to nature and the land is deeply felt. Rodriguez takes his commitment a step further, by working together with Scenic Hudson. This non-profit organization works to protect and preserve nature in the Hudson Valley, and has over 28 parks in the region. Rodriguez has donated his photographs and his time to support them and their cause. “I use my camera to help bring a view of the valley perhaps others have not seen. We all need nature, also including the beauty in landscapes that man has changed.” His passion also rubs off on his students during the many photography workshops he conducts througout the year.

Robert Rodriguez Jr.’s work is on display at The Hidden Gallery from August 1-September 30. A reception for the artist will be held on Friday, August 8, from 4-7 p.m.

For further information:

Robert Rodriguez, Jr.:

Scenic Hudson:

The Hidden Gallery:


“I’m drawn to dramatic lighting in locations that people aren’t familiar with. Or, if they are, will see it in a new way.”

“Music and photography share composition and rhythm. I create harmony out of chaos by composing random elements, and I influence how fast your eye moves over a photograph by composing its rhythm.”

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  1. I truly understand, I can learn a whole lot from you.

    hope to be in one of your workshops soon.

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