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I’m off to the Adirondacks for a 5 day canoe camping trip with my family where I hope to capture some late summer images, catch up on some reading, and enjoy some of New Yorks nicest lakes.

I’m a big reader, and in the past, reading at camp has literally been a burden for me, since I have a habit of bringing more books than I can possible read (and carry). But thanks to my new Amazon Kindle, an electronic book reader weighing less than a pound, I can bring more books than I ever imagined. Able to hold several hundred e-books in its memory, I think I should be covered no matter what mood I’m in. Yes it’s expensive, but worth every penny just in terms of giving me more access to the best resource for knowledge I know of, books. Just have to make sure I stop reading before the best light disappears behind the horizon.

When I return, I’ll be starting a new series on the blog titled “Finding a Landscape Photograph”, which will cover how I go about finding an image- from selecting locations, scouting, and the actual process and techniques I use when I’m on an actual shoot. I’m sure it will be a leaning experience both for myself and for those reading. Any suggestions, please let me know…

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