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Con Edison ad in New York Daily News

I’m very happy to see that two of my images have been used in a full page ad placed by Con Edison in todays New York Daily News (page 43). I’ve seen and read this paper since early childhood having grown up in NYC, and I never imagined seeing my photographs in print. The color ad promotes the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley, as well as the work Scenic Hudson does to preserve and protect much of this area. It looks great, and I hope it gets the message out about how important preservation is for us and future generations.

It’s ironic that Scenic Hudson was founded to fight against plans by utility Con Edison to cut away part of Storm King Mountain near the river and build a pump storage power generator back in 1965. But at least all ended well and we can all agree on a common cause. I am humbled once again in being able to make a very small contribution, but equally motivated to continue to capture the landscapes around me in ways that bring appreciation to others.


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  1. Oh how ironic it is that Con Ed Choose has decided to display photos depicting the beauty of the Husdon esppecially since they have the distinction of being one of the priimary pollutors of this beautiful river. Your scenes depict the warmth, beauty and serenity of the Hudson Valley and what better way to prove that progress is being made. Kudo’s to you.

  2. Thanks Tom – Yes it is ironic for many reasons, but perhaps there is no better proof that every single voice counts in a democracy, and we should never feel that we each can’t make a contribution to whatever we feel strongly about, whether the environment, or other issue.

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