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I taught another field workshop this weekend at Harriman State Park to a great group of students, and everyone enjoyed both the weather and locations we visited. Even this late into the fall season, there was still plenty of foliage left, colors were vibrant and offered limitless opportunities.

While students are photographing, I’m busy moving around from student to student to get a sense of their individual skills, and work with them to help them see better or get better use of their camera. Because I keep the workshops to a maximum of six students, I can spend a fair amount of time with each of them and tailor my instruction accordingly. It certainly keeps me on my toes, and often I learn a great deal about my own photography in the process. After a half day of shooting, we have lunch back at my studio, which is prepared by my wife, and includes wonderful soups and snacks from out favorite Beacon eatery, Homespun Foods.

Workshop participant Dawn Sela, a fantastic children and lifestyle photographer, made an entry on her blog about the workshop, and you can read her generous comments here. You can see her work as well as the other students in the gallery. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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