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Clouds and Stormking
Clouds and Storm King Mountain

This Saturday November 8th is the opening reception for the RiverWinds Gallery Holiday Group Show titled “Buone Feste”, which will be running until Dec 31st. I’ll be at the gallery from 4-7pm meeting guests and talking about some new prints I’ll have on display. It’s also 2nd Saturday in Beacon which means most if not all galleries and shops stay open until very late. It’s a great time to visit Beacon if you haven’t been here before, and it should be quite busy with all of the new shows opening at the various galleries in town.

Storm King Mountain, one of my favorite subjects, never ceases to intrigue me with its many seasons, moods, and photographic potential. Familiarity always results in better photographs, which is why I always stress this idea in my workshops. This particular image is composed of three separate images which I then combined using Photoshop. This particular day started out quite cloudy and dull, but I’m sure happy I waited for “something” to happen. Patience is a landscape photographers best asset!


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