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“To truly be inspired for great work, you need to know that you’re making a difference. That you’re putting a meaningful dent in the universe. That you’re part of something that’s making a difference and that your role in that something is significant. . . . If you’re void of that sense of purpose, the pleasure in your work will eventually wane and ultimately feel hollow. . . You can only hide in shadows of the circumstantial for so long before your passion begins to fade. . . .Remember that your time is limited. By the time you discover that you’ve been coasting on empty calories, the pale face staring you back in the mirror might be hard to recognize.” – 37signals Blog


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  1. Hi Robert,
    Although I am currently the CEO InSys Consulting; and in my former life an artist; your quote is applicable to all of us who work hard, persevere, have the spark of creativity and need a bit of luck in this economy. My goal for my InSys team is to help spark the creativity, encourage risk and work together for the common good. My new Nikon needs more of my time and the images I move past during the day are often put on hold; but photography continues to be a welcome oasis in my life. Thank you for your images and philosophy. I look forward to hearing about your workshops in 09. Merry Christmas! Linda

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