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January’s Question of the Month comes from Isaias Colon from Middletown, NY who asks:

“Can you recommend any photo/hiking guide books to the Hudson Valley?”

This is a question I have dealt with myself, and over the years I’ve  come to rely on a handful of resources for information on the best hiking trails in the Hudson Valley which often will yield great photo opportunities. Obviously, there are many great places to photograph without needing to hike, but I find more dramatic scenes when I get out into the woods. Here are a few recommendations to get you going.


  • 50 Hikes in the Lower Hudson Valley – well written with good trail descriptions – all of the classic hikes are here both easy and difficult
  • AMC’s Best Day Hikes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley – another personal favorite with an emphasis on longer and more challenging hikes. Includes many of the classic Catskill hikes such as the Escarpment Trail which leads to the site of the historic Catskill Mountain House, and famous landmarks where Thomas Cole painted may of his landscapes.
  • Moon Hudson River Valley – not so much a hiking guide, but an all around great book for places to find photo opportunities in the valley
  • Best Hikes With Children in the Catskills and Hudson River Valley – if you have children you want to introduce to hiking (Bryce has been hiking with me since he was 2), this is a good resource for where to go.
  • Scenes & Walks in the Northern Shawangunks – I have several books on the Shawangunks, but this remains my favorite – great illustrations, lots of information on the geography, geology, and history of the region. Plus all of the great trails are described in detail. Great for both the hiker and photographer who wants to explore this area.


  • Scenic Hudson – download trailmaps for over 25 parks, many of which have extensive trails that lead to fantastic views of the Hudson River. In addition, there are several “Park Quest” guides containing information and maps that will guide you on a quest to learn about the history and wildlife of a particular park. You can also see many of my park photographs on their website which should give you a good idea of the opportunities available.
  • Photograph America – a photography specific resource for locations all over the US including the Hudson Valley – highly recommended.

Finally, I am working on my own photo guide to the Hudson Valley that will be  comprised of a series of high-definition videos and an e-book – I’ll have more details in the near future, but here is short preview.

Hope that helps, and I welcome your comments and any other suggestions! Keep the questions coming.

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  1. Rob,

    Thanks for the quick response! I have been living in the Hudson Valley area for over 15 years, having the Shawangunks as a back drop is one of the most scenic view to have. I plan to utilized this information to my advantage, taking my family on long hikes and capturing nature at it’s best, while sharping my photograph skills.

    Rob thanks again and keep the photo’s coming!! GREAT JOB!!

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