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I visited Kingsland Point Park in Sleepy Hollow, NY last week to work on a Scenic Hudson project, and sensing some good photo opportunities, decided to stay until sunset. “Decided” is the key word because it was rather cold (mid 20’s), and after a few hours of being outside during the day, I was very tempted to seek a warmer environment (and meal) asap! But the Hudson Valley has been incredible this winter, with unique ice formations of all kinds, both on land and in the river.


I’m very drawn to texture and enjoy making images that really impart a sense of dimensionality to details. For me there is something wonderful about how reflective objects and shapes interact with light, and the flow that creates between highlights and shadows. It is very enjoyable for the eye and I would even say quite musical in terms of how the mind interprets an image. I’m glad I stuck around that evening, somehow the calm, serene nature of the frozen landscape made me feel warm and fortunate to be where I was that moment.

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