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Lake Tiorati, Harriman State Park
Lake Tiorati, Harriman State Park

“When determining whether an image’s payout is short or long, ask yourself some questions. Does the image sustain attention? Does it tell an interesting story? Does the image make the viewer think? Does it work on multiple levels? Does the image escape easy definition? Does it have that rare quality that eludes easy description? Does the image haunt the viewer long after it is seen?

The very best singular images do it all. These are the real keepers. These are the truly great images…a collection of nothing but singular images is like a symphony composed entirely of crescendos. Other kinds of images are usually needed. But what’s a symphony without a crescendo?”John Paul Caponigro


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  1. Just returned from the 2009 NANPA Summit and hac a great time – very inspiring. I think I will put Caponigro’s quote (in list form) up at my editting station – it goes right along with a lot of what I heard at the summit. I know I’m a bad editor of my own work at this point and need all the help I can get.

    1. Jim: Editing is such an important part of the creative process, probably as important as creating the work itself. I often learn a great deal just from revisiting older images, and trying to discover what motivated me, both visually and emotionally. This is a fundamental part of creative growth, and I encourage you to examine your motivations past and present, and see if they help in what you are trying to convey in your images. I’ll be writing more about this in the future, so stay tuned…thanks for visiting.

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