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I’m happy to announce that I will be co-leading three photography workshops this year to Pollepel Island and site of the historic Bannerman Castle. Arranged through the Bannerman Castle Trust, I’ll be joining Thom Johnson, a local photographer and author of a recent book on the castle. The workshops will take place in the spring, summer, and fall, and will be half-day long with an option to join me in the afternoon at my studio for a slideshow and processing tips & techniques. HDR photography is perfect for this situation, and I’ll be covering that as well for those who are interested. (My next post will cover HDR photography in-depth).

For anyone who has an interest in the Hudson Valley and its history, as well as an opportunity to shoot a really cool and historic castle, this should be a lot of fun. The castle is off limits to the general public, and can only be reached by boat, so this is a good way to visit and photograph it legally and safely. I’ll have more specifics on the workshops in the very near future including the fee and exact dates, and you’ll be able to register directly on my website.


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