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I recently had the priveledge of being interviewed by Tom Niemisto of the ClearWater Organization about my photography as it relates to conservation in the Hudson Valley. Clearwater, inspired by folk legend Pete Seeger,  is a non-profit that conducts environmental education, advocacy programs and celebrations centered on the Hudson River. The sloop Clearwater is a 106-foot wooden sailing vessel designed after 18th and 19th century Dutch sailing sloops, and is the center-piece of their education programs.

Sloop Clearwater
Sloop Clearwater

I had a chance to explain why I feel strongly about preserving our environment, and photography’s power to create awareness, appreciation, and respect for the Hudson Valley, and ultimately, our planet. In this regard, I feel extremely honored to follow in the very large footsteps of many past photographers, and hope I can make a difference, however small it might be. The interview will be aired today on WAMC Radio, a part of NPR.

Listen to the interview here.

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