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I have a new video feature to share titled “Exploring Bannerman Castle“, which documents my recent visit to Pollepel Island to photograph and learn about a landmark I have always been fascinated with. Accompanying me as usual was cinematographer Tom Moore who captured some incredible HD footage, and we were guided and enlightened on all things “Bannerman” by author/photographer/historian Thom Johnson.

Make sure to click on the “Full Screen” icon in the bottom right area of the video above for a better experience.

I’ll have more info and images in the next post…need some rest after long hours of video editing and production…hope you enjoy the ride.

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  1. I also was so fortunate to take photos of this Castle. I took a boat trip from Beacon NY couple years ago. Then it was open to public for tours of the Bannermans Island in small groups.
    Your video is great and your photos are amazing! Whatever happens with this Castle in coming years -it is preserved as document and unique piece of history. Thanks for doing that!
    I have posted my amateur photos of this Castle on If you have any interest you are welcome to look at them there.

    1. Thanks – appreciate your feedback and for sharing your photos – the good news is that NY State is finally starting a restoration project on Bannerman Island this year with hopes of restoring some of the floors and other structures that should keep it around for many generations to come.


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