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I’m proud to announce that this Sunday’s (May 17th) print edition of The New York Times will feature one of my Hudson Valley landscape photographs. It will be used in a special Hudson River 400th Advertorial celebrating the voyage of Henry Hudson. While I haven’t seen the layout, they requested a fairly large file, so I’m hoping it will be put to good use! I’ll get a credit and website listing as well, so I’m curious to see how much traffic it generates on the website.

I made this image a several years ago while on a hike up Breakneck Ridge, a very dramatic and scenic viewpoint in the Hudson Highlands. I had just purchased a Canon 5D (which I still use quite frequently), and I was very eager to use it in my favorite locations. I didn’t shoot too many in this direction because the sun was fading fast, but there was something about the geometric lines together with the color in the foreground, clouds, and river that I was really attracted to. The moon, tiny as it is, was pure luck (there’s that word again…). I’m glad I took the time to really work the composition vertically though, as this has become one of my most popular images.

I’ll be at the newstands early on Sunday – after the sunrise photo hike of course.

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  1. It’s great to see what happens when a man sets out to follow his passion and the world takes notice. Great trees produce great fruit and in a world starved for beauty and significance, don’t be surprised to see crowds gathering around the tree wanting more fruit. Congratulations Rob!

  2. Dear Rob, fantasic ! Connecting the spirit of a place and an image is amazingly difficult on a regular basis. Your work is moving in the direction of distinction, just like the river itself.


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