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Valley Fog, Sugar Loaf Mountain
Valley Fog, Sugar Loaf Mountain

This image was made while working on a recent video project for Scenic Hudson, and its become one of my favorites for several reasons. This does not mean I think it is my best image – for me there is no such thing, but rather improvement over time as I learn to “see” more of the beauty around me.

Such was the case on this day when I awoke to a heavy fog and little visibility. The summit of Sugar Loaf mountain was my destination, a favorite for both myself and the many hikers that convene regularly in the Hudson Highlands. Because I had selected this location beforehand, I was focused on the climb to the top and hoped something special would happen. While the lower elevations of the trail were heavy in fog, I suddenly realized that I was emerging to clear skies and warm sunlight as I climbed higher up the trail.

Carrying more equipment than usual, I arrived at the summit gasping for breath. The trail has a rather steep and rocky ascent towards the end, and excited over what I would see at the top, I pushed with all I had. I hardly noticed my lungs burning as an amazing scene unfolded before me. Time slowed down, and I realized how fortunate I was.

The best moments are those when life seems to stand still, and my mind becomes so focused that there is no space for any thoughts; only appreciation for the gifts of nature. When my mind and body are both on the edge, I know I am where I should be, and the camera (any camera) becomes just a tool to try and share the experience.

This is the goal of landscape photography for me, and while these special moments don’t happen as often as I’d like, the possibility of another unique experience keeps me motivated and inspired.

Stay tuned for future workshops at other great locations along the Hudson River.


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  1. Saw your Twitter post, Robert, and checked this out — awesome! Love the video and it looks like HV was doing an imitation of the SF Bay area. Your description of the ascent above the fog reminded me of similar experiences hiking up Mt. Talmalpais, just north of SF.

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