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Castle Fog
Castle Fog

I’m reading and thoroughly enjoying a new book by acclaimed landscape photographer David Ward called “Landscape Beyond: A Journey into Photography“. Very well written and full of amazing images, my copy is now full of my own notes and highlights. One in particular will become a part of my workshop lectures:

“One of the most useful things anyone has ever told me is that you need an opinion in order to make good images. Great artists are able to present complex things in a simple fashion because they have feeling for the essence of what they are trying to explain or portray. They strip away the clutter in order to reveal this essence. Cultivating this knack is vital…to a photographer.”

Castle Fog is an image that comes to mind when I read this quote, since it was my attempt at conveying simplicity of a complex subject. It could have been simpler, but at the time, it was what I saw and felt that influenced my composition. Fascination with this subject keeps me thinking of new ways to both photograph and share how I feel about its mystery and beauty.

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