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Rain Drops
Rain Drops

We’ve had a tremendous amount of rain here in the northeast for the last month, and like many others, I’m ready for dry weather and plenty of sunshine. Yet it is this changing weather that can so often provide opportunities for dramatic photography, regardless of where you are. “Rain Drops” was made in my own backyard, as in 20 ft from my kitchen!

Finding the right composition was the hardest challenge as I worked with two distinct design elements. The drops and their implied lines, and the patterns of the leaf.  As usual I favor strong diagonals and lines that move the eye through the image, yet always trying to keep the composition as simple as possible. The drops provide wonderful resting points, a distraction from all of the detail, so soothing for the eyes and the mind. Perhaps that is what attracted me to this leaf in the first place, and soon after another rain fall washed the moment away.

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