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Sometimes images come relatively easy, but I have been working really hard for every image I make during these last two weeks in Acadia. The fog has been thick and the rain a constant threat. I climbed to the 700 ft summit of Acadia Mountain yesterday, but only managed to burn a lots of calories and work up a big appetite for breakfast – no real visibility. Determined to find better conditions, I headed over to the Seawall area, and managed to find better conditions.

Seawall Sunrise
Seawall Sunrise

Seawall Sunrise” was a challenge because of the high tide conditions, and again I worked hard to find a composition that I liked amongst the millions of rocks on the shore.

The following morning, I returned to the summit of Acadia mountain once again at 5AM and although conditions were again very foggy, I did find some better light at last – here are a few of the better images.

Pine Tree Light
Pine Tree Light
Fog on Mount Desert
Fog on Mount Desert

Next we head to the Schoodic Peninsula area for sunset…


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  1. Robert,
    Hard work and determination have paid off for the 3 images posted from your trip. Seawall Sunrise looks like it was a challenge trying to combine foreground and background elements to come together. Again very nice images!

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