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Somes Sound
Somes Sound

(Canon 1DS MK III, EF70-200 f/2.8L IS) 70mm, 1/320 sec at f/11, ISO 200

I’m finally back from my extended camping trip to Maine and Acadia National Park. Although the weather was quite “wet” to say the least, it was a great trip both in terms of family time and photography. I’m quite fortunate in the sense that I try to include my family in as much of my travel as possible, and though it makes for very long and exhausting days, I wouldn’t trade the benefits for anything. While Brenda and Bryce don’t come out with me for sunrise , the rest of the days is always fun while I juggle shooting both nature and them. It provides a very good opportunity for stock images of people in the landscape, and I also get creative direction from Bryce who now points out when I may be photographing something “boring”.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of my favorite images and how I made them, as well as an article on my mobile setup which should be ready next week. All did not work as planned on this trip including a drive failure, but thankfully no images were lost due to having multiple backups, and I’ll cover my backup strategies as well. As always your feedback is appreciated.

Biking in Acadia
Biking in Acadia

(Canon 5D, EF24-105mm f/4L IS) 24mm, 1/2 sec at f/22, ISO 100

This image of my son Bryce was created completely in camera without any post-processing except for basic adjustments in Lightroom. While it was very tricky to execute, it was fairly straight forward. I basically followed him on my bike while I held my camera in one hand and the handlebars with the other. The hard part was limiting  the amount of light so that I could the get the required shutter speed in order to show motion, while at the same time keeping him in focus. I knew about .5 sec would do the trick, so it was just a matter of getting him to stay in a straight line at the right speed (“…slow down Bryce, you’re gonna get me killed!!!”). About 15 shots later, I had a keeper, and a life-long memory.

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