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This upcoming Tuesday, August 25th, I’ll be presenting a slideshow presentation to the Westchester Professional Photographers Association titled “Beauty Within – The Journey of Landscape Photography”. Here is the description I wrote for the event:

Photography is the language of light, color, shape, texture, and emotion. Your ability to learn and use this language effectively is the basis of creating expressive and dramatic images There are no secrets in photography, only practice, dedication, and an open mind to the beauty and magic that nature offers us every day. Each of us has a unique and personal vision to express creatively, and I belive this is the key to help you develop, expand, and improve your photographic potential. Any camera today can make perfect pictures, but only by seeing photographically can you convey an emotion, express your style,  and create images that rise above the mere “snapshot”. In this slideshow lecture, I’ll discuss how these ideas form the basis of my photography, and how I use the modern tools available today in the service of what is most important, a meaningful image.

After reading this again, I’ve had to ask myself if this is something I can really accomplish successfully, but perhaps that’s the whole point. It’s the exploration that I’m most interested in, and if it helps other photographers ask deeper questions about their own work, or give them another perspective, then I feel good about achieving just that. It certainly makes me look at my work differently when I use it to illustrate what is right, and wrong with an image. I always feel like a student when I give a talk or presentation, and with each one, I learn and grow as a creative person.

It’s not easy to get up in front of 50 people and talk authoritatively about a subject as vast as photography, but I do hope my real world experiences will provide something tangible for everyone on Tuesday. One things for sure, when passion takes over, I know I’ll give it my very best effort.

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