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I’m very happy to announce that my new 2010 Hudson Valley Wall Calendar is being printed and available for pre-order at the webstore. It contains 13 of my favorite landscapes of the valley captured over the course of the past 3 years. Lots of hard work as usual, and I’m officially taking the next two weeks off from the computer (at least one of them anyway)!

I’ve made calendars before, but this year’s version is special and one I’m really proud of. It’s my first calendar dedicated to the Hudson Valley, and as I mentioned above, in the “making” so to speak for some time. I’ve been planning this calendar for a while, but it really wasn’t until this year that I felt I had the right images that worked well together as a complete group. The idea wasn’t so much to cover the entire region geographically, but rather to portray the nature and feel of specific areas of the valley throughout the year. Selecting 13 images for a calendar is tough, and I struggled with certain images, but having my wife and studio manager Brenda provide a second opinion and perspective proved invaluable. After all, who else would know my work better than me?


I’ve also included my “field notes” with each image, not so much to describe the scene, but to let others know my personal thoughts and feelings about the photographs I chose for the calendar. Just a little something extra to add some personality and a friendly voice throughout the year. Thanks to Cliff at M+M Printing for their help and guidance in getting the best quality possible for the final product.


PRE-ORDER your 2010 HudsonValley Calendar now and receive a FREE 8 x 10 signed fine-art print of the September image for your collection.

This offer is for a limited time only! The calendars will start shipping September 12th.

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