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I spent the weekend exhibiting at the 48th Armonk Outdoor Art Show, and though we had a rain out on Saturday, the weather was perfect on Sunday, and the crowds came out in substantial numbers. It was one of the best organized shows I have been in, and everything from the artists to the food was top notch.

This is definitely the most art oriented show I have ever participated in, and the very high quality of work on display was amazing and inspiring. There were probably close to 15 photographers, twice as many painters, and lots of mixed media, sculpture, digital art, and other 2 dimensional work. The photography was some of the best I have seen at any show I have participated in, with a strong showing in landscapes, nature, abstract, and street photography from around the world. Some notable names included Michael Chen from NYC, and John Scanlan who specializes in amazing large format images from Europe and other exotic locations.

I saw little evidence of a recession as far as art was concerned, with many pieces selling regularly for thousands of dollars. My neighbor, a painter from Ohio sold five originals with an average price  of $4,000. I ‘ve heard many proclaim that photography doesn’t sell any longer due to the ubiquity of digital cameras, but again, I spoke to several photographers who had a good weekend.

I had a very good weekend, and want to thank everyone who visited and made a purchase. I sold prints in the largest sizes I had, as well as many  2010 calendars. Though I was the only photographer with images of the Hudson Valley, I sold an equal amount from both local and non-local locations.

BTW- all of those who pre-ordered calendars on the website should be receiving them within then next few days.

What I did notice is that buyers are much more discerning and careful about spending their money, and it takes a combination of excellent work, an attractive presentation, a good attitude, and most of all, treating customers the way you would want to be treated in order to make a sale. Standing out from the crowd is the key, and in a competitive environment such as one of the top art shows in the country, this is REALLY difficult. But I learned a lot, both from other exhibitors and visitors, and hopefully can return in 2010 with a stronger showing.

I’m off to Maine next week for a private workshop, then two workshops in the Hudson Valley, and finally a break during the month of November where I plan to focus on shooting. The next show will be  the One Of A Kind Show in NYC in December, and I plan on sharing all of the “behind the scenes” details extensively here on the blog – stay tuned…


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