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My hometown of Beacon, NY is featured in this new video by Scenic Hudson and film maker Josh Aronson. I first visited Beacon in 1989 when my father purchased a home here, and continued to visit regularly on my way to hiking destinations like the Shawangunks and the Catskills. Main Street was a ghost town at best, and avoided after hours.

Ten years later, my wife and I purchased our own home in Beacon, and now shop, dine, and hang-out on Main St all the time. For me however, the art community is the real attraction, and it’s great to have multiple galleries in town that bring art lovers from near and far to enjoy the amazing variety of painting, photography, sculpture, mixed, media, and others disciplines.

It’s truly amazing how far Beacon has come in 20 years, and the future for Beacon is equally exciting. A big thanks to Scenic Hudson.


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